Affiliate Programs WRS Web Solutions Inc.

Affiliate Programs WRS Web Solutions Inc.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. offers two distinctly separate affiliate programs, from two different websites, that both offer a three percent recurring commission. Each is separately administered. One program covers high speed cable internet, and the other offers domain name, web hosting and other web services.

Affiliate Programs Exclusions

Both affiliate programs specifically exclude: all types of VoIP phone services; phone devices and adapters; modem sales; online stores; logistics consulting; training and educational consulting; WRS Home Services; and certain other services (one example of which is the cable TV, internet, and phone services promoted in the USA from our website and any sub-domains off of it). Both affiliate programs are subject to terms and condition which may be amended from time to time without notice. Each affiliate program only applies to the services it is intend to cover, and the correct affiliate ID must be in the link you send the customer to the applicable site with or the sales will not count. You are welcome to belong to either or both affiliate programs, but please be sure to use the correct affiliate ID link with the correct website and do not mix them up! You may use them with text or images/banner etc, but please respect Canadian and American e-mail legislation!

High Speed Internet Affiliate Program (Canada Only)

You have the ability to earn a three percent recurring commission on resulting High Speed Internet, sales to people who have come to our website from a hyperlink containing your unique affiliate ID (for the affiliate program on that website). Additional details can be read at the Affiliate Program Overview page of that website. Anyone can join the affiliate program, no purchase necessary, and it is not multi-level marketing (not MLM). It if free to join and belong to. To join you need to register as a user on that website, then login in and activate your affiliate link from the menu option in the Client area.

Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Our Web Hosting Affiliate Program on our website works much the same way as the above program. The 'Registration', 'Client Areas' and 'Affiliate Activation Options' are almost identical. The automated affiliate tracking systems both work the same way, but the unique affiliate ID codes are different. One cannot be used with the other, they are separate systems which are 'unaware' of each other. Another difference is that the above website works in Canadian dollars, and this website pretty much works in American dollars. This affiliate program was meant to cover domain name sales, web hosting, and such services. Register now to join this affiliate program, and be sure to activate the affiliate link option form within the Client Area.

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