Buy A Domain Name

Buy A Domain Name

Need to Buy A Domain Name? WRS Web Solutions Inc. sells domain names. Buying a domain name is often the first step is getting a website for your business, company, organization or for personal use. Buy a domain name from us, and then buy a web hosting package so you have some place to host that domain name and follow on website, and we can give you a quote on that as well. Click here to start your domain name search.

You need to buy a domain name if you plan to have a website. True a website can be built off a sub-domain of a domain, but this is seldom done now a days. In fact most people would not even understand what I just said! The domain name is the very first step in the process of getting a website, in fact it is a vital step, and the significance of it is often overlook or even more often simply not understood by most people. That said, if you know a lot about SEO (and we do), if becomes very apparent just how vital the right domain name for you business, or organization is, because it is part of the Search Engine Optimization process, or SEO.

To illustrate my point let's start with an example. Say for example you wanted to start a business offering 'free high speed internet'. Well first off it may be hard to make any money giving away the service, but this after all only an example. In this case having those words in the domain name would be a good thing in terms of SEO, or in plain English having those words 'free high speed internet' in the domain name would help you rank for that phase in Google search results. This would especially be the case if you also include them in the (meta data) 'Title' and the 'Description' and the 'Keywords' on the home page of that website, as well as in the domain name itself, and of course it would help you even more if the Heading ,H1> on the page also said 'Free High Speed Internet', and if those were the fist few words of the first paragraph on the page and were then repeated in the text of the page several times. You can now start to see how the domain name can be key in the whole SEO process. So to carry on with this example we might buy the domain name '', but if that name was already taken we might buy, which is equally as good, yet distinct from the other domain lacking the dashes, and you could also use underscores, or add a number to the end of the keyword phrase in the domain name to make it unique, or maybe use a different domain name extension.

Now to add some more complication to the example, say for example we wanted to target only customers in Canada, not the USA or world-wide. Then we would be better off buying a domain name ending in .ca which stands for Canada. To go still further, say we only wanted to offer our services in Toronto, in which case we should add Toronto to the domain name, and every place on the page we have been using the above phrase, so that we rank for it in relation to Toronto.

Too often people think that SEO is a process that applies after you build a website, when the reverse is actually true, SEO should be part of the initial design, inclduign the selection or the buy a domain name. So take some free advice from WRS Web Solutions Inc., and before you buy a domain name, plan out your website, and do the initial SEO work so that the processes to buy a domain name and the building of the website already contain the on page SEO work. To take things a step further, find out who you main competition is, look at the three top competitors of yours, and see what keywords they rank for, then build those keywords into you website on page SEO work, and as much as is smart to do, perhaps even into your domain name when you buy a domain name.

If you are not comfortable doing the above yourself, and you are willing to pay for some help, as much or as little as you want, then you can hire us. We offer free no obligation quotes. You can put our years of experience to good use, or you can spend years getting that experiencing yourself, and trust me, paying us would be the cheaper of the two options, not to mention years faster! So before you buy a domain name, make sure you are shopping for the perfect domain name, to buy a domain name, to help you rank in Google for what you are trying to sell or promote.

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