Manuscript Proof Reading Service

Manuscript Proof Reading Service

Need a Manuscript Proof Reading Service? When writing anything it helps to have a second set of eyes read it over, as often we read what we think we wrote, and not perhaps what we actually wrote, and miss obvious typos which others would immediately see. We love to read! Often we can read a novel a night. Now proof reading may take a bit longer than that. We can use a spell checker of your choice, English US, English UK, whatever you wish. Usually for that kind of actual proof reading we have to print it out and read the hard copy, more relaxing that way. That said we would have to charge for the paper and the ink to print it out, and for any postage which may or may not be involved.

If this Manuscript Proof Reading Service is along the lines of what you are looking for, please contact us for a confidential, free no obligation quote. Please do not send us any documents until we ask for them. Please be specific on exactly what popup would like us to quote you on, so we know the full extent of the service you wish. We can tailor our services to fit most any need. We normally only accept proof reading of English language works, and we respect author copyrights.

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