Toronto Web Design

Toronto Web Design

Toronto Web Design can be cheap or it can be really expensive or it can be somewhere in between the two. WRS Web Solutions Inc. is a company that offers a variety of services, and web design is one of them. There are a wide range of web design options, and of course the web design options come with costs. You are best off to simply contact us, and give us a brief summary of what you think you what in terms of a web design, and we can discuss things from there. If money if tight then tell us that as well. We seldom work for nothing, but we can likely find a web design solution to fit your needs, and your budget. Consultation is free. We can also provide domain names, web hosting, e-mail accounts, etc, to go with your web design, if you need/want them.

Above we spoke about Toronto web design, but we could just as easily have used the example of New York Web design, or Chicago web design. You see web design dos not have to be place specific, but in terms of ranking in Google sometimes you might want it to be, especially if you only service customers in a specific geographic place, or you are trying to make a website to target customers in a specific geographic place. Lets look at an example. Say I wanted to start a website to sell flowers in Toronto, but only in Toronto. If I buy a domain name ending in .com Google might rank me in the USA for the selling for flowers, but it might not rank me in Canada for the selling for flowers, where if I had bought a .ca domain name Google would have ranked me in Canada not the USA. It is a simple thing, but right off the bat one can go wrong. Now that is not to say that one can't rank in Canada with a .com domain, but why start off on the wrong foot? A goof company would start off this Toronto web design project by picking you a domain name like The advantage is that Google will immediately know from the domain name that you are targeting the Canadian market as opposed to the USA or world wide market for flowers, and it will also know that you are targeting Toronto. Then if the company designing your site puts the keyword phase 'buy Toronto flowers' in the home page (meta tags) for the Description, title, and keywords etc, as well as in the H1 heading and in the text in the right places and number of times, presto, the on page SEO has been done as part of the Toronto web design. The point is that SEO starts right at the beginning of the web design projects as part of the web design, not as an after thought! Have WRS Web Solutions inc. look after your entire Toronto web design, domain name, SEO, hosting etc, and get it all done right the first time around, or you can spin around in all directions getting different players to do different parts and maybe get no where fast. Remember we are not limited to just Toronto, we do web design for anywhere on plant earth (and earth orbit). (Off world web design by request, extra fees may apply.)

In terms of web design options, they are many and varied. One option is to use WordPress, which is popular 'Content Management System' or CMS. WordPress is ideal for Blogs, which is what it was originally designed for, but it can also be used for many websites. It is not perfect but it is free, and fully responsive to different screen sizes inclduign mobile devices, and so are the automatic upgrades to it. Another option is to pick a free HTML/CSS template, and then manually insert your content into it, etc. Many of the HTML/CSS templates are also now full responsive, or 'mobile friendly'. For an ecommerce online store one might use Magento, which is also free. One word of caution though, just because a software or CMS or templates are free, does not mean that having someone else set them up for you will be free, rather you will have to do that work yourself or pay someone else to do it. We can be that someone else if you want and need us to be. We offer free no obligation quotes. Other options exist as well, such as custom PHP development, or custom application development.

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