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WRS Web Solutions Inc. - Corporate Site

Welome to the Corporate Site of WRS Web Solutions Inc. You might also be interested in our Web Hosting Division website or our Internet Service Provider Division (Canada) website, or The Urban Internet Company Canada website, or our Internet Service Providers USA website. The first two of those websites also operate separate affiliate referral programs that you may join if you want to.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. provides various web solutions, including internet plans, web hosting, domain names, website builder, on page SEO services, Home Phone (Canada Only) and business phone services, and more. Please note that the availability of our services varies by geographic location. Please see below for more information, or click on a menu item above. If you do not find information on the web solution you are looking for, then please contact us by email or contact form to inquire about it.

Plans & Offers For Various Services

WRS Web Solutions Inc. owns and operates the PlanOffers Canada website, which as the name suggests aims to help Canadian residents (primarily English speaking residents outside the Province of Quebec) find better deals on plans and offers for various services through education, information, ads, and affiliate referral programs. Similarly, the company also owns the PlanOffers Net website, which is focused on helping American residents (and potentially others) find good deals on plans and offers for various services.

Other Interests - We Are Not Dull & Boring

Now, if you like to read read interesting articles on a variety of topics (in English), we have a site which aims to provide you with those. We even have sites on more narrow topics like Electricity in Edmonton as well as Best Buy Drone and even Modular Homes. So, we are not all dull techie stuff, we are into other things as well! By the way, if you are an Alberta resident looking for better Alberta Electricity Rates & Alberta Natural Gas Prices, the you may wish to visit the Ability Energy Inc. website, it might be worth your while!

Internet Service Provider

The Canadian and American internet markets are very different. The main players are different. These markets operate are under at least two very different sets of government regulations, etc.

Within Canada, WRS Web Solutions Inc. is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) offering home internet plans to Canadian residents, in most provinces (including the Province of Quebec) over a variety of 'rented' cable TV and phone company lines, as the company does not own any lines of it's own. Before placing an order, potential customers should contact the company through that website to ensure that services are available at their address.

As much as possible WRS Web Solutions Inc. tries very hard to offer the same plans to small businesses in Canada at residential rates. Larger business customers are still welcome, but should discuss their requirements with the company before attempting to place an order, as they will likely require a custom internet plan. (Please note that the company is not able to offer business customers internet plans over the Cogeco cable TV network). For more information on this topic please visit our home internet plans (Canada only) website.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. is not yet able to provide home internet plans in the USA. That said, it can 'connect' American business with some good deals on business internet plans and phone services in the USA, (in US dollars). Please keep reading this website for more info on that topic.

Web Hosting Service Provider

WRS Web Solutions Inc. is a full service web hosting services provider. These web hosting services are provided from the company's Web Hosting, Domain Names, and Website Builder website. That website operates in US dollars. Customers are welcome from all countries (that are able to access the website). Prices on that website are in USD, but there is the option for Canadians to change them to display in Canadian dollars.

Legal Notes - Province of Quebec

Some of this information on this page is only available in the English language, as it is not the intention of WRS Web Solutions Inc, to offer these American focused business internet and phone solutions to residents of the Province of Quebec (or for that matter to Canadian residents in general). Province of Quebec residents please note that only 'internet plans' are being offered in the Province of Quebec at this time, in order to comply with the Province of Quebec's Charter of the French Language, as it is not currently technically possible to provide all aspects of the web hosting and domain name services, and related services, (especially the add-on services such as the website builder) completely in the French language. Please see the About page of this site for additional information.

Contact WRS Web Solutions Inc.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. may be contacted using a contact form on either the web hosting or the internet service provider website. Please note that for technical reasons beyond our control the captcha questions provided on both contact forms by Google are only in the English language.