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Business Internet and Phone Service Providers - Estimated Costs For:

✔ Cable (Coax)

✔ Business DSL

✔ Data T1

✔ Satellite Internet


✔ Bonded T1

✔ Local Voice / PRI

✔ Integrated Voice / Data


✔ Phone System and Network

✔ Integrated SIP

✔ Long Distance T1 / DS3


✔ Ethernet Over Copper

✔ Network Equipment Installer

American Business Internet and Business Phone Costs T1

Let WRS Web Solutions Inc. help your business with T1 and Internet and Phone Services availability and estimated costs involving major Amercian carriers. Use our handy pricing tool below to see what business internet and phone deals (or just plain old boring low prices) might be available at your location(s) in the USA. Get a real time T1 quote. Are your business internet and business phone costs as low as they really should be? Why not have a look at what might be available below, and compare that to what you are paying now? What have you got to loose? Immediate T1 Price Quotes of T1 Lines from Nationwide T1 Service Providers of a High-Speed Internet Broadband Connection.

If you are a big company with many business locations, and huge business internet or business phone requirements, no problem! We are interested in trying to save you money. Let's look and see what just might be possible! Businesses with International business requirements are also welcome to check out what we may have to offer. Don't limit yourself. Even if you don't see what you want today, check back every few weeks as more opportunities are being added all the time. Let WRS Web Solutions Inc. try to save you money. While this web page is primarily aimed at American business, businesses from other countries just might find some well priced solutions below. Why not take a look and see where it leads you?

Business Internet Broadband Cable DSL & Phone (Local & Long Distance & T1) Availability & Estimated Costs

Please note that the below lookup box will only work with USA address information.

Please choose a service from the drop down list below:

Please enter your email address:

Please enter the contact Phone Number for Installers To Call For Site Survey Appointments or Installation Appointments or For Access:

Note: If you get an error about your phone number, it likely means that we do not have any deals to offer you in that Area Code at this time, or that you have made a mistake in entering your phone number.

More Complex Business Requirements

In addition, if you happen to be shopping for an estimated price or a quote on a more complex requirement, then please use the form to contact one of our top "high end" agents who can see about getting you a quote on most everything, including:

Business DSL

Business Cable

MPLS Networks

International VPLS

Point to Points

Fractional T1 Internet (< 1.5 MB)

Internet T1 (1.5 MB)

Bonded Internet (3MB to 12MB)

Fixed Wireless Broadband

Satellite High-Speed Internet

Fractional DS3 Internet (6MB to 45 MB)

DS3 Internet(45MB)

Metro Ethernet

Fast Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet

Ethernet over Copper Internet (2MB to 20MB)

Ethernet over DS1/DS3

Mobile Wireless

High BW Fixed Wireless (> 2.0MB)

4G WiMax

OC-3 Internet (155MB)

OC-48 Internet (2.5GB)

OC-12 Internet (622MB)

Metro Fiber Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet

Wireless 4G

Cable (MetroE)

SIP Trunks

Integrated Access (Digital Trunk Handoff)

Integrated Access (PRI Handoff)

Integrated Access (SIP Handoff)

Integrated Access (Analog Handoff)

Local Voice - T1

Local Voice - PRI

Dedicated LD (In/Out)

Dedicated LD (PRI)

POTS Lines

Long Distance - Switched

Dedicated LD (Call Center)

Hosted PBX (SMB)

Hosted PBX (Call Center/Enterprise)

Data Backup

Disaster Recovery

Managed Colocation

Business VoIP

SIP (Local/LD Trunks)

SIP/VoIP (LD Buckets)

Voice over MPLS

Point to Point (1.5MB - 1GB)

Multilocation Internet Access

MPLS Network

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Ethernet WAN

MAN (Metro Area Network)


International VPLS

Server Colocation

Network Monitoring

Data Backup (Distaster Recovery)

Managed Web Hosting

Managed Services

Remote Storage

Security and Firewalls

Audio and Web Conferencing

Call Center Software

SalesForce Automation

Microsoft Exchange

Google Apps for Business


For The Above and Other More Complex Requirements - Please click here!

Phone System and Network Equipment Providers

VAR = Value Added Reseller.

If you are looking for an authorized Cisco, Lucent, Avaya dealer or network equipments providers, using the world''s only real-time VAR search engine, VARSearch, you can easily find the right technician and/or equipment dealer nearest you, including if you have network equipment installer needs.

Real-Time VAR Search Engine
Select the brand name of the PBX phone system that interests you:


Who knows - we might be able to help you with some of the below ☺

3com Allworx Artisoft Avaya Cisco
Inter-Tel Lucent Mitel NEC
Nortel Polycom Shoretel Switchvox
Talkswitch Toshiba Vertical Vodavi

Important Notes

Please note that while we do our very best to give you the most acurate and up to date information that we can with the information available, the above prices are not 'firm' quotes, but rather estimated costs. Availability / serviceability and pricing need to be confirmed with the supplier. There can be many factors involved. Until a site survey is completed, the pricing provided by the supplier is only budgetary (or an estimate), not an actual quote. (Please also note that none of the above services are covered by - or qualify for commissions from - either of our two affiliate programs. The below services to not qualify for either affiliate program either.) Prices on this website are usually shown in US dollars, and might not incldue any sales taxes that may be added by the carrier.

Home Phone - Residential VoIP

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In addition to the above price lookup tool, we also offer a 'pay as you go' Home Phone or Residential VoIP option. In some ways it is a bit like a 'calling card'. Sure you have to 'bring your own device' IP phone, hardware, or legally download and configure some free software (we have links to those such as Zoiper softphone download), and we do not help you do either, but the prices are great! Please read the User Guide for more information, before ordering, and before downloading Zoiper. This can also be used for business. Some of our outgoing call prices are from 2 cents per minute local and long distance, USA, Canada & Mexico. On request, International plans can often even be made to suit your needs (at higher rates). Please read all of the Guide before signing up, and if you have questions, please ask them before signing up. No term contracts. Visa, MasterCard & PayPal accepted.

In order to receive incoming call you would need to order a phone number (or what is often called a 'direct in-dial number' ('DID' for short). That is an extra monhtly cost of about $10. + 1 to 2 cents or so a minute. There is also a $10 one time setup fee. Not available in all States, Provinces or places. Please read the Guide for more information. Might be available for business use, please ask before ordering. The DID number must be paid monthly, every month, if you wish to be able to receive incomming calls.

This VoIP option might not be for everyone, as it involves some work on the customer's part to get configured. That might not be a 'good fit' for you. Please read the Guide for details before ordering.

Business SIP VoIP

The above residential VoIP is also available for business SIP, PBX, ITSP needs, though rates may vary somewhat from the residential ones. Please read the guide. Please note that this is in addition to (and separate from) the deals on services and hardware, etc that we try to find you through the forms higher up on this web page.

Home Internet

We are not yet able to offer Home internet or residential internet in the USA or Mexico. We would really like to, but it is not yet possible for us to offer it in the USA (though we are working on that aspect) or Mexico. We are however able to offer home internet in Canada.