About WRS Web Solutions Inc.

About WRS Web Solutions Inc.

The services offered by WRS Web Solutions Inc. vary by geographic location, as well as whether or not you are a business. Even within a geographic location, not all services might be available at all addresses, due to physical network limitations beyond our control.

In the USA

For example if you are a person living in the USA we might be able to offer you VoIP phone services (for experts not the average person), as well as web hosting and related services, but not residential internet. If you are a business in the USA we can offer you all the services in green on our Home page of this website, and you can even use the lookup tool to see the availability and estimated cost of those services at your address. We can also offer all of our web hosting and website related services to you. We even have a website builder! We offer VPS and Dedicated Servers (please check availbility with us before ordering), and might be able to offer co-location services depending on your needs.

In Canada

If you are a person living in Canada, we can offer you residential internet services, in many provinces, including Quebec. (Our business internet plans are not available over the Cogeco network at this time, but are most everywhere else we offer residential internet. VoIP services are available, except in Quebec. Web hosting and related website services are available except in Quebec. If you are a business (excluding one in the province of Quebec) you are also welcome to use the lookup tool on the Home page of this website.

WRS Web Solutions is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) offering cable high speed internet in Canada in (many parts of) the Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec over cable company lines. It also offers DSL high speed internet in the Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfound & Labrador over Telus (in AB & BC) and Bell phone company lines (in those other provinces). Plans, prices and fee vary by province and delivery network used, and are subject to changing market conditions. Applicable sales taxes will be charged to Canadian residents. Please see our www.wrswebsolutions.ca website for plans, prices and details. WRS Web Solutions Inc. ships modems from the warehouse (in Ontario, Canada) as needed to fulfill modem sales, modems are not stocked at the Office. The warehouse, data centers, and the main office are not open to the public, and WRS Web Solutions Inc. does not have retail locations.

Company History

WRS Web Solutions Inc, was Federally incorporated on 1 May 2010, in Canada. It is an active Corporation. WRS Web Solutions Inc, resides in the Province of Ontario, Canada. WRS Web Solutions Inc. has a wide range of capabilities, most of which can been seen from the 'Services' menu tab above. WRS Web Solutions Inc. is registered with the CRTC as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and as a Telecommunications Services Provider, Non-Facilities-Based Provider. Our other websites have additional information about us. WRS Web Solutions Inc. is registered with CRA for tax and sales tax purposes, and with Revenu Quebec for QST purposes.

Affiliate Programs

WRS Web Solutions Inc. operates an affiliate programs (not MLM) which is open to most anyone to join and belong to free of charge and offer a 3% recurring commission, numerous exclusions, terms and conditions do apply, see websites for details. (All of the services on the Home page of this website are excluded from the affiliate programs, as are all of our domain name offerings, web hosting & realetd services.)

For French language information about the company please click here. Pour plus d'informations en langue française sur la société s'il vous plaît cliquez ici.

Two Online Help Desks

WRS Web Solutions Inc. operates as a web based company. WRS Web Solutions Inc. operates two online Help Desks (see 'Support' menu option at bottom of page), as our primary means for interaction with the public and customers. Help Desk tickets are usually replied to within 24 hours, seven days a week, except for those attempting to market goods and services to us, which due to their sheer volume usually cannot be replied to, and of course 'junk' e-mails which are ignored. We also offer a phone number for existing Canadian internet customers needing help with their modem or internet connection.

Our Skill

is in how we make use of the best resources to meet individual customer needs.

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People Are Important

We us a combination of in house and partner resources to meet customer needs.

Customer are unique, solutions should be as well!