About WRS Web Solutions Inc.

About WRS Web Solutions Inc.


WRS Web Solutions is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) offering cable high speed internet in Canada in the Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec over cable company lines. It also offers DSL high speed internet in the Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfound & Labrador over Telus (in AB & BC) and Bell phone company lines (in those other provinces). Plans, prices and fee vary by province and delivery network used, and are subject to changing market conditions. Applicable sales taxes will be charged to Canadian residents. Please see our www.wrswebsolutions.ca website for plans, prices and details.

WRS Web Solutions Inc, was Federally incorporated on 1 May 2010, in Canada. It is an active Corporation. WRS Web Solutions Inc, resides in the Province of Ontario, Canada. WRS Web Solutions Inc. has a wide range of capabilities, most of which can been seen from the 'Services' menu tab above, and the other menu options at the bottom of this page. WRS Web Solutions Inc. has submitted registration with the CRTC as a telecommunications services provider, Non-Facilities-Based Provider. WRS Web Solutions Inc, ships modems from the warehouse (in Ontario, Canada) as needed to fulfill modem sales, modems are not stocked at the Office. The warehouse, data centers, and the main office are not open to the public, and WRS Web Solutions Inc. does not have retail locations. WRS Web Solutions Inc. operates two affiliate programs (not MLM) which are open to most anyone to join and belong to free of charge and offer a 3% recurring commission, numerous exclusions, terms and conditions do apply, see websites for details.

For French language information about the company please click here. Pour plus d'informations en langue française sur la société s'il vous plaît cliquez ici.

Two Online Help Desks

WRS Web Solutions Inc. operates as a web based company. WRS Web Solutions Inc. operates two online Help Desks (see 'Support' menu option at bottom of page), as our primary means for interaction with the public and customers. Help Desk tickets are usually replied to within 24 hours, seven days a week, except for those attempting to market goods and services to us, which due to their sheer volume usually cannot be replied to, and of course 'junk' e-mails which are ignored.


Looking for high speed internet options and plans in the USA? Try visiting Internet Providers By Zip Code. (Please note that neither of our two Affiliate programs applies to cable TV, or internet or phone services promoted from the www.wrswebsolutions.biz website or it's sub-domains.) Americans are welcome to take advantage of the web hosting, domain name and other website services we offer to customers worldwide.

En cuanto a los estadounidenses que hablan español, hola! Tenga en cuenta que mientras que nuestro sitio web son más o menos sólo en el idioma Inglés en este momento, con la expectativa de algunas porciones que son multilingües o en el idioma francés, le damos la bienvenida son clientes potenciales. Mesa de ayuda. Buscas opciones y planes de internet de alta velocidad en los Estados Unidos? Intente visitar proveedores de Internet por código postal (en inglés). (Tenga en cuenta que ninguno de nuestros dos programas de afiliados se aplica a la televisión por cable, Internet o servicios telefónicos promocionados desde el sitio web www.wrswebsolutions.biz o sus subdominios.) Los estadounidenses son bienvenidos a aprovechar el alojamiento web, el nombre de dominio y Otros servicios del Web site que ofrecemos a los clientes por todo el mundo.


WRS Web Solutions Inc. has two company websites (in development) related to China. One is www.wrswebsolutions.cn and the secondary one is www.wrswebsolutions.com.cn

WRS Web Solutions公司有两个与中国相关的公司网站(开发中)。一个是www.wrswebsolutions.cn,第二个是www.wrswebsolutions.com.cn

WRS Web Solutions gōngsī yǒu liǎng gè yǔ zhōngguó xiāngguān de gōngsī wǎngzhàn (kāifā zhōng). Yīgè shì www.wrswebsolutions.cn, dì èr gè shì www.wrswebsolutions.com.cn


WRS Web Solutions Inc. has a wide variety of skill sets available to it on an as required bases from partners companies around the world, to supplement its extensive internal skill sets and capabilities. In addition WRS Web solutions Inc. offers, (to customers worldwide), web hosting, domain names, webmail accounts, web design and other website related services. Plus, from this website it offers a variety of VoIP Services to to people who are adept at connecting and configuring their own devices.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. is a company that offers a variety of services. Other services offered by WRS Web Solutions Inc. include domain names, web hosting, VPS, Dedicated Severs, SEO, Web Design, Website Repair and Maintenance, Logistics and Educational/Training Consulting, Author Services, Manuscript Proofreading, Website Content Writing, and of course most of the above services for everyone no matter where in the world you live, unless otherwise stated.

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is in how we make use of the best resources to meet individual customer needs.

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We us a combination of in house and partner resources to meet customer needs.

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