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About WRS Web Solutions Inc.

WRS Web Solutions Inc, was Federally incorporated on 1 May 2010, in Canada, by the Company Founder. It is an active Corporation. WRS Web Solutions Inc, resides in the Province of Ontario, Canada, but it is able to operate throughout Canada, and beyond. The company name is the same in both the French and the English languages. In the Province of Quebec the company operates in both the French and the English languages, elsewhere it primarily operates in the English language. The company is privately held, veteran owned (Servitium Nulli Secundus), and Canadian owned. WRS Web Solutions Inc. has a wide range of capabilities, some of which are not listed. It operates in multiple currencies, but uses Canadian dollars for its financial reports. While the company does not have a physical presence in the USA, the UK, the EU or New Zealand, residents from there might find good deals through some of the company websites.

The letters 'WRS' in the name WRS Web Solutions Inc. was chosen to reflect the initials of the company founder's first, middle and last names. The word 'web' was chose to reflect both 'web hosting' and 'web design' services, and related services. The word 'solutions' was to indicate that the conpany wished to focus on multiple solutions. Since the founding of the company, it added 'internet plans' to it's Canadian offerings in all provinces of Canada (but no change to the company name was made). In addition to the company's full legal name which is WRS Web Solutions Inc. the company also uses the trade names The Urban Internet Company, & WRS Internet, and operates the WRS Internet .CA and WRS Internet .COM websites.


WRS Web Solutions Inc. is registered with the CRTC as a Canadian Internet Service Provider (ISP) and as a Telecommunications Services Provider, Non-Facilities-Based Provider offering VoIP home phone and business phone plans in Canada. Our www.wrswebsolutions.ca and www.webhostingwebsitebuilder.com websites may provide additional information about us. The company has other websites.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. is registered with The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for tax (and Corporate Income Tax) purposes. It is registered with Revenu Quebec for QST purposes, with the British Columbia government for BC PST collection, and with the Province of Manitoba for RST collection. The company does not collect Canadian sales taxes on sales to customers who reside outside Canada, as it is not required to do so (as long as the service is not being consumed within Canada). WRS Web Solutions Inc. is also registered with the IRS.

WRS Web Solutions is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) offering cable high speed internet in Canada in (many parts of) the Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec over cable company lines. It also offers DSL high speed internet in the Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfound & Labrador over Telus (in AB & BC) and Bell phone company lines (in those other provinces). Plans, prices and fee vary by province and delivery network used, and are subject to changing market conditions. Applicable sales taxes will be charged to Canadian residents. Please see our www.wrswebsolutions.ca website for plans, prices and details, and perhaps to learn even a litte more about us. In addition, WRS Web Solutions Inc. owns and operates the The Urban Internet Company (.CA) website as a divsion of WRS Web Solutions Inc. Each of those two websites has it's own affiliate referral program (which is free to belong to, no purchase necessary), and generally sepaking pays $10 per referral that results in a sale of a home internet plan (in Canada), see both websites for details. (The affiliate tracking IDs on both sites are different, so please be sure to use the correct affiliate ID with the correct site.)

WRS Web Solutions Inc. ships modems to Canadian customers from the warehouse (in Ontario, Canada) as needed to fulfill modem sales, modems are not stocked at the Office. The warehouse, data centers, and the main office are not open to the public. WRS Web Solutions Inc. operates primarily as a 'web based company' and as such, it does not have retail locations. While the company does have a phone number, it much prefers to deal with pre-sales inquiries and with customers, through the website Online Help Desks (by contact form and email) as this provides a history of the interactions, which is more helpful in serving and supporting customers.

The services offered by WRS Web Solutions Inc. vary by geographic location, as well as whether or not you are a business. Even within a geographic location, not all services might be available at all addresses, due to physical network limitations beyond our control.

Province of Quebec, Canada

In the Province of Quebec, the company only offers Internet Plans. It does so in both the French and English languages. It provides Internet Plan sales and support in the French and English languages. It also operates the French language, Canadian focused Forfait Internet internet plans and providers comparison website.

Other Websites

WRS Web Solutions Inc. also operates the following English language websites primarily aimed at residents outside of Canada, (and not targeting residents of the Province of Quebec), most of which are listed below:

Web Hosting Services

In addition, our company offers various web solutions, including internet plans, web hosting, domain names, website builder, on page SEO services, and more to customers in most places (except in the Province of Quebec). Please see below for more information, or click on a menu item above. If you do not find information on the web solution you are looking for, then please contact us by email or contact from to inquire about it.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. is a full service web hosting services provider. These web hosting services are provided from the company's Web Hosting, Domain Names, and Website Builder website. That website operates in US dollars. Customers are welcome from all countries (that are able to accss the website). Many parts of that website are multilingual (but not necessarily all texts, pages and parts), and the customer Cpanel web host control panels are for the most part, multilingual 'capable'.

Note: WRS Web Solutions Inc. owns additional websites, which might not be listed on this page, and may provide website services to other organizations not mentioned on this page.

Business Internet Providers

Business internet plans are available in the USA, and many parts of Canada.

Business Phone Service Providers

Business phone services are available in the USA.

Contact WRS Web Solutions Inc.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. may be contacted using a contact form on either the web hosting or the internet service provider website. Please note that for technical reasons beyond our control the captcha questions provided on both contact forms by Google are only in the English language. (If you are contacting us to try to sell us goods or services, we likely will not reply unless we are interested, but we are interested in affiliate programs.)

Our mailing address is:

WRS Web Solutions Inc.
18 King Street East, Suite 1400
Toronto, ON
M5C 1C4