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SEO services are offered by WRS Web Solutions Inc. SEO services can be both on-site SEO or off-site SEO, that is to say on-page SEO or off-page or both kinds of SEO. By the way SEO stands for search engine optimization (optomisation in the British spelling of the word). Before we get into a list of plans and prices, please contact us and give us some idea how seriously you want to get into SEO, and what sort of budget you may or may not have to work with. If possible we would also like to know the list of keywords you want to do SEO work for, etc. SEO can be very involved, and it can be ongoing. There can be a lot involved, so often it is best we e-mail back and forth a bit to find out how much SEO work your would like done and what your expectations are and what your budget permits.

We can start helping your wbesite with SEO work, at any stage in the process, but to get the best bang for your buck, you should bring us into the picture right at the very beginning, before the domain name is even bought, and before the website design has even begun. SEO starts before anything else related to your wbesite. This is not to say it cannot start at any stage later on, and often it does, but to do it the best way, is to do it right from the beginning as part of the picking of the domain name, and the planning and designing and building of the website, this way your website will be born with good on-page SEO. Then we can start on the off-page SEO, which often means link building. Now to start with it would be excellent if you could come up with a list of words and phrases that you would like to rank for in the Google search results, we refer to these as 'keywords', and they must be highly relevant to your wbesite content. No sense ranking for keywords which customers are not looking for either! By the way usually you write the wbesite content, but we can make suggestions for editing it to properly place the keywords you wish to rank for at the proper strategic places within the relevant content. If you need us to wire the content for your website we can do that as well for an extra fee.

SEO can be very involved, but it is not isolated. Good SEO is part of all aspects of your wbesite. SEO should not be an after thought, rather it should be the first thought when considering starting a website. Let WRS Web Solutions Inc. do the SEO work on your website from the very beginning before you buy a domain name, wen hosting, or have the web design done. Have us do it all, with one stop shopping, or you can roll the dice and pick whatever is behind door number 3. In summary good SEO is about getting your website where you want it to be, often because the end goal is to sell certain goods or services.

People are important. We us a combination of in house and partner resources to meet customer needs. Customer are unique, solutions should be as well!