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Need Other Services As Required? WRS Web Solutions Inc. is a company that perhaps offers Other Services As Required. Other Services As Required was a common catch all phase in many military job description and often encompassed the majority of a person's workload! We understand the concept of Other Services As Required. That said, if you need Other Services As Required handled, please first contact us, and briefly explain in clear language what you require, and in confidence we will look at it and get back to you, usually within 24 hours or so. Please do not send any documents unless we ask for them. We have an extensive background in a variety of fields. (Please ensure all requests are for services which would be considered legal under Canadian and American law.)

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is in how we make use of the best resources to meet individual customer needs.

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We us a combination of in house and partner resources to meet customer needs.

Customer are unique, solutions should be as well!